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Col Pen
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1/25/02- What's new? Nothing. Nobody reads this page anyway. I have had like 30 visitors in 2 years. What do you people want from me? Am I really that boring? Even my Magic the Gathering page is starting to slip. I use to get 200+ visitors and now it's down to 80. Wait! I know the problem. The internet is too full of useless pages like mine. I need new ideas. Someone help me!
6/30/00- Wow! Over a year since I last updated this page. Kind of forgot about it. But I have been busy and right I am in this process up scanning my new art.
6/18/99- Uploaded my new art. But there's still more. 6/16/99- Yah, buddy! I changed the frames to tables format. I was advised that frames were not a good idea.
6/13/99- well its been a LONG time since I last updated. I got rid of the splash page because it sucked. I have been scanning many pics, so expect them very soon.
4/8/99- added 4 new pictures to my image gallery
4/7/99- changed "look" of SDS. many new additions to the MTG section.
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