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A collectable card game created by Richard Garfield of Wizards of the Coast. It uses fantastic artwork, dungeon and dragon themes, and easy to learn rules to create a very addictive game. Here I display many scans of the cards along with combos and the top 50 cards (a work in progress).

My favorite mythological monster of all time. Anyone on this planet should know about dragons and on this page I will show you what dragons should look like.

Short Biographies of my favorite artists of whom include Vincent Vangogh, Rene Magritte, M.C. Escher, and many more.

Applet Games

I love these games. I pick which I think are the best. Now if only I would start making my own.....

Starcraft created by Blizzard Entertainment is a truely addictive game with over the Internet fighting capability and teams.